When to Change

When To Change A Diaper?

When to change a diaper really depends on the decision made by each person. In the case of faecal incontinence, change should be done immediately to avoid bacterial infection. Lack of air flow, damp conditions, stale urine/ stool can cause the skin to break down and eventually leads to diaper rash, sores and yeast infections.

As for diaper changes due to urinary incontinence, consider the following:

  • Diaper absorbency capacity – every diaper will have a maximum capacity. Leakage will not be avoidable if the maximum capacity is reached.
  • Diaper sag – due to the weight of the urine collected, a diaper will tend to sag and become uncomfortable. So, a change will be required
  • Waddling–when a diaper becomes full, it will tend to swell and you cannot help but notice the bulkiness at the crotch area. Then, it will be difficult to walk without waddling. Time to change
  • Odour – among other considerations, odour may prompt you to change diapers. Urine odour may be more apparent when diapers are not changed after one or two wettings.
  • Sensitive Skin –some people may have sensitive skin and may require a change before the diaper reaches its maximum capacity.
  • Cost–the longer a diaper can be worn in between changes, the less you will need to spend on stocking up.

How Close Are You To A Leak?

Each diaper is made slightly different. Here are some tips on finding out when your diaper is to leak.

  • When you have privacy, reach down and feel the outside of the diaper.
  • If the diaper is firm, then it has not reached its capacity, otherwise, it will be soft.
  • If the diaper is slightly squishy, then it is nearing a change
  • If the diaper is squishy, it is definitely time to change.
  • If the diaper is very soft and watery, then a leak is going to happen.

If you are still uncertain after feeling the diaper, you can also gauge quite accurately by considering the elapsed time since the last change and the sag or waddle factor. For some, when a leak is near, there will be wetness at the leg gathers. This is followed by your bottom feeling wet.

Also, if an adult diaper does not fit well, it will leak, and hence fit/sizing is most important. Over 80% of leaks happens around the legs with most at the buttocks. Therefore, ensure that there is a good leg fit, without being too tight or causing red marking.