How to put on a Diaper

Learn to self-diaper to regain privacy and dignity

How to put on Diaper yourself?

Rather than relying on someone to put on diapers for you, which may be an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation, you can learn self-diapering. Also, by self-diapering, you can have a better fit.

  • Wash your hands before putting on diapers. This is to remove any lotions, oil or powder residue that may cause the adhesive fasteners to lose their hold.

  • Unwrap the diaper and give it a shake to ensure leak guards and leg gathers are free and erect. Gently fold the diaper along the centreline, lengthwise. You should aim for a soft fold and not a hard crease

  • It is ideal to be standing up when putting on diapers. Lean against a wall or a closed door, slightly squatting, with your buttocks holding the rear top of the diaper in place against the wall or door behind you

  • Bring the front of the diaper up between your legs. The top of the absorbent mat inside the front of the diaper should come up to or just below your navel (the plastic will come even higher).

  • Secure the bottom tapes first, then the top. When attaching the bottom tapes, angle them slightly upwards (around 20 – 45 degrees). For the top tapes, angle them slightly downwards (also around 20 – 45 degrees). Any extra plastics can be folded and tucked inside the waistline.

  • It takes practice and doing it in front of a mirror will help. Self-diapering can be performed while sitting or in bed, but not as easy as in a standing position. It may be difficult to fasten the tapes and to get a tight hold.