Diapering Up or Down

Diapering Up or Down: For Guys

Diapering up or down, which is better? By diapering up or down, we mean the position of the penis.

These two positions are what males choose when wearing underwear. So, when diapering, it will be naturally more comfortable with your preferred position.

There are advantages wearing diapers with the penis pointing upwards. It makes use of the upper front portion of the diaper which may not be used if the penis is in the down position. This way, the diaper takes longer before it becomes completely soaked, extending the interval time in between changes. In the down position, the diaper will become soaked faster

While some people are concerned about urine leakage if the penis is in the up position, it should not be the case. As long as the diaper is worn and secured properly. Wearing an additional plastic pants will help even more to allay this fear.

Another good reason for diapering in the up position is to avoid bacterial infection or urinal tract infection (UTI) in the case of faecal incontinence. The urethral opening at the tip of the penis is further away from faecal matter that collects in the diaper

Lastly, with the up position, it is easier to pull the penis upwards to pee over the diaper.

Diapering Up or Down: For Girls

The consideration for female diapering is more of cleanliness and the type of diaper worn.

Women, due to their anatomy, are more susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTI) because their urethra is located closer to the genitals and anus. The shorter urethra in women means bacteria travels a shorter distance to reach the bladder.

Women who are on some types of birth control or are postmenopausal have higher incidences of UTI. Therefore, cleanliness for women is more emphasised for women. Rightly so, women should practice good cleanliness habits in general to avoid UTI. More so if you have incontinence.

There are two types of adult diapers – taped and pullup. The choice of which to use really depends on various circumstances. In general, women tend to be longer in the toilet. Wearing tape diapers require more time compared to pullups. So, if you need to change your diaper in public toilets, you have to consider the time it takes. If you’re pressured to hasten the change process, there is a higher likelihood of spillage with a tape diaper.

A pullup diaper, on the other hand, is fast to change by tearing the sides for removal. So, while these considerations may seem trivial for some, it merits some thought. One way is to try both types of diapers to find out which suits you best.